"Who are we

The Hanh Phuc Women Cancer Centre, Colposcopy Centre and Breast Centre specialise in the treatment of the 2 commonest cancers to afflict women – Breast &Gynaecological. Under the direction of the certified Gynaecological Oncologist Associate Professor Tay EngHseon, the centres bring together experts in the fields of surgical, medical and radiation oncology so that you receive not only care of the highest quality, but care specifically tailored to your needs.

Why a Dedicated Centre for Breast &Gynaecological Cancers
These 2 cancers affect women in the following ways:

• They tend to occur together or may be familial in nature.
• They affect the sexual and important pelvic organs.
• They have major impact on the roles of women in the family.
• They have devastating effects on their sexuality.

Our Centres focus on helping women with these 2 groups of cancers, from prevention to treatment and from physical assistance to psychological support.

Our Commitment

Our Centre is built around these core values and principles:

We aim to deliver the best care possible with protocol-based care pathways whilst keeping abreast with the latest medical and technological advances in the field.

We aim to individualise and optimize treatment through a close collaboration of a multidisciplinary team of specialized surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

We do our best to provide a hollistic treatment – by providing mental, psychological and social support for every patient."

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